The winners of Miss Fashiontv Europe contest have traveled to Monte Carlo!

Following the success of the Miss Fashiontv Europe event, a beauty contest held in Bucharest at the end of the last month, the winner of the Miss Europe title, Andreea Mateescu, and the Lithuanian competitor Juvenalia Tataru, who won the Miss Popularity Award, were invited to the launch event of the FTV Coin Deluxe that took place in the spectacular city of the French Riviera, Monte Carlo.

In addition to the Fashiontv and Miss Europe winners, Michel Adam also took part in the event – the president and founder of Fashiontv, Alona Fischbein – Fashiontv marketing director, as well as Flavio Briatore – organizer of the Monte Carlo Grand Prix and director of the famous Billionaire Club.

The launch of the latest Fashiontv concept, FTV Coin Deluxe, was held at a specialty fair where experts from the crypto currency industry were present. The events were followed by a FTV Coin Deluxe Party that took place in the Billionaire Club Monte Carlo.

The Fashiontv models mixed the work with the holiday, enjoying the good weather and the spectacular places from the most popular French Riviera town .

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