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Fashiontv organizes during the summer a series of events dedicated to promoting the Romanian seaside tourism within the Fashiontv Summer Festival, project, but also other events that aim to  promote the tourism nationwide.

  • The Tourism’s Caravan

Promotion event of different areas attractions for tourists of all ages.

A project that aims to promote the Romanian seaside tourism, whose magnitude and importance increased from year to year, now in its 10th edition.

A project that has proved to be very successful for Mamaia, reaching its 3rd edition, is highly valued by both the public and the media.

  • Fashion Tourism Awards

The award gala of the most appreciated destinations on the Romanian coast, which aims to stimulate the private sector investment.

  • Romanian Tourism Gala

Now in its 4th edition, the event honors the most representative tourism destinations and services throughout Romania, as a culmination of efforts over a whole year.