Miss Fashiontv Tourism 2016

Fashiontv Romania hosted the Miss Fashiontv Tourism beauty pageant on the 17th and 18th of November at the Phenicia Grand Hotel Bucharest, an event dedicated to young women from all over the country as well as young women from the Republic of Moldova


The contest is part of the Romanian Fashiontv Week event, an event that brought together on the same stage the elite of national and international brands and designers, as well as the Romanian Tourism Gala and the Bucharest European Capital Gala.

Miss Fashiontv Turism awarded the beauty of the Romanian young girls, within a high-class event organized in a spectacular and brilliant way. Along with them, personalities from the fashion industry were present at the show. The jury was also a select one, at the judging process taking part various specialists from the media, beauty and fashion industry or officials. One of the most important tests was The Traditional Costume.

Those attending the event enjoyed high-class moments, such as fashion shows, beauty tests, artistic moments and many surprises. The prizes have been awarded on geographic areas, and the winners will promote the area they represent, by making special videos that will be promoted through Fashiontv in over 196 countries around the world. The winners will attend Fashiontv events, both in the country and abroad, in the most important destinations in the world, such as Paris, Milan, Cannes, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Hong Kong or Beijing. The winners will take part in the international beauty pageants organized by Fashiontv. At the same time, all finalists will take part in photo sessions with fashion specialists, so they can build themselves professional books, and they will have access to free modeling training.

The winners of the Miss Fashiontv Tourism contest were:

Miss Tourism Republic of Moldova –  Elena Smoleac (Nr. 3)

Miss Tourism Banat – Teodora Usain (Nr 20)

Miss Tourism Oltenia – Madalina Nedelea (Nr 13)

Miss Tourism Muntenia – Daria Preda (Nr 17)

Miss Tourism Dobrogea – Cristina Purice (Nr 18)

Miss Tourism Bucharest  – Oana Cătăloiu (Nr 14)

Miss Popularity – Aliona Gâlcă (Nr. 7)

Miss Fashiontv Photogenic –  Ecaterina Sutăva (Nr 12)

Miss Fashiontv Star – Tatiana Ovcinicova (Nr. 11)

 Miss Tourism Transylvania – Daiana Nealcoș (Nr 4)

 Miss Fashiontv Tourism Republic of Moldova – Victoria Cordoneanu (Nr 9)

Miss Fashiontv Tourism Romania – Andreea Mateescu (Nr. 1)