Fashiontv Romania is the official representative of the brand Fashiontv in Romania under the license of fashiontv GmbH. Fashiontv Romania covers a wide range of services, working as a photo and video production studio and event production house.
Fashiontv can be seen in over 190 countries, from 5 continents. Addressing a well defined audience, Fashiontv enjoys over 850 million viewers a month. Fashiontv is also the world’s third-largest global TV broadcaster, leading the fashion segment.


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Fashiontv Romania is the general producer of the most important international fashion events in the fashion industry in the most exclusive, innovative and eclectic locations around the world: Paris, London, Milan, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Bali, Dubai.

Fashiontv Romania also offers various video production services, functioning as a production house offering complete product, photo or film services and solutions. We develop projects alongside advertisers and PRs with advertising spots, video productions, fashion photography, studio, product, etc.


Fashiontv Models

Under the slogan ”Are you beautiful? Be smart! Fashiontv gives you a chance!”, Fashiontv contributes year after year to developing modeling in Romania.

Fashiontv Romania is actively involved in the stages of scouting, education and free promotion of young talents, both nationally and internationally. Through the Fashiontv Caravan, the most important annual recruitment campaign for young talents throughout Romania, Fashiontv Romania offers the opportunity for fashionable models, professional models, but also for those who want flexible jobs and important extra gains, to get acquainted with the fashion industry , travel to exotic destinations, take part in spectacular fashion shows and work directly with fashion professionals: agencies, designers, stylists, make-up artists, photographers.










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