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Fashiontv Romania is the official representative of the fashiontv brand in Romania, under fashiontv GmbH license. Fashiontv Romania covers a large range of services, activating as:

  • Photo and video production studio
  • Events production house

Fashiontv Romania organizes, produces and participates in national events such as:

Mr. Ion Mirea, CEO Fashiontv Romania, alongside a board of worldwide renowned personalities, is the official representative of the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences, international institution based in New York that awards the most important destinations, institutions and personalities worldwide.

Fashiontv Romania also offers video production services, working as a production house that offers complete services and solutions of studio, photography, advertising or movie. We develop projects together with advertising and PR agencies making commercials, video productions, fashion photography, studio, product etc.

Fashiontv Romania is the general producer of the most important International events in the fashion industry organized by Fashiontv in the most exclusive, unique and eclectic locations worldwide: Paris, London, Dubai, Cannes, Monte Carlo, Vienna, Istanbul, Singapore, Bangkok or Hong Kong.

The positive impact of Fashiontv Romania`s activities is the result of the global promotion of the successful events and projects in our country, in 193 countries throughout Fashiontv. One of these projects is Fashion Summer Festival, produced by Fashiontv Romania and organized in Mamaia resort in the summer season. Due to the world-wide exposure offered by Fashiontv, Mamaia has become one of the most popular touristic destinations in the Eastern Europe.

Apart  of the special relationship developed with the most important designers and professionals from the international fashion industry, Fashiontv Romania is actively implicated in grand national projects, such as the promotion of the Romanian tourism, organizing launching events.

Also, Fashiontv Romania organizes annually the Fashiontv Caravan, which is the most important national recruitment campaign of young talents that want a career in the fashion industry, offering them the opportunity to shine internationally.