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Tourism Gala 2016

The Romanian Tourism Gala awarded the prizes of excellence in tourism as part of an exceptional show.

Fashiontv Romania also organized this year the Romanian Tourism Gala – Fashiontv Tourism Awards, which took place on November 17, 2016, at Grand Hotel Phenicia Bucharest. At its 6th edition, the Romanian Tourism Gala – Fashiontv Tourism Awards brought together this year the elite of the Romanian tourism industry, awarding excellence in an exceptional show, that aimed at stimulating investors in the tourism industry, highlighting and promoting their achievements.


In this edition, tourists’ locations, projects and concepts were awarded, as well as the best professionals in the Romanian tourism industry. The awards have been given by geographical areas, highlighting the tourist’s specificity and outstanding results that marked the industry in the area.

The winners were:

    • Roman Plaza Hotel, Hanul Ancutei (inn), for combining traditional with international comfort
    • Iasi County Council, for the rehabilitation of Golia Monastery, Iasi
    • Suceava County Council, for the rehabilitation of “Cetatea de Scaun” and its protection zone and the modernization of the International Airport Suceava
    • Etnica  Villa, Lotus Therm Spa& Luxury Resort – the only 5 * spa resort in Romania
    • Mocanita, for the most famous railway tour
    • Maramures County Council – Circuit of wooden churches in Northern Transylvania
    • The City Hall of Alba Iulia- the first town with a touristic brand and the restoration of Alba Carolina Citadel at Smart City
    • Dino Parc – private investment
    • Arsenal Park – the largest investment in a leisure complex
    • Pomana Porcului Festival, Balvanyos, for promoting Romanian traditions
    • Fortress of Deva, to involve local authorities in promoting a tourism objective
    • „Haferland” Week, for promoting the Saxon villages of Transylvania through authentic experiences
    • Transylvania Lands Cluster – for the most important vehicle for promoting tourism in Transylvania
    • Arad County Council, for the rehabilitation of the Păuliş Wine-Ghioroc-Covăsânț-Şiria Route and the Green House project– Căsoaia
    • “The Danube Star” Guest House– the most representative guesthouse for the countryside
    • Casa Domneasca – for the most fashionable guesthouse
    • Niculitel, for real estate rehabilitation and modernization – Paleochristian monument preservation – European Financing Project – Tulcea County Council
    • Vox Maris Grand Resort – for investment
    • Phoenicia Resort – for investment
    • Therme
    • Nuba
    • Income Romania Program
    • Touristic Danube Cluster– for the most important vehicle for promoting danubian tourism (European Union Strategy for the Danube Region)
    • ANT – ALECTOR European Project – for the best transnational cooperation under the Joint Operational ProgramBlack Sea Area 2007-2013”, for creating tourism assets at transnational level
    • Google Romania – “Destination Management: Offline & OnlineCaravan

Special awards:

    • Alexandra Flavia Marcu – Ambassador for Tourism Promotion
    • Cătălin Botezatu – Ambassador for Tourism Promotion
    • Chamber of Commerce and Industry of RomaniaFor significant contributions to the promotion of Romanian tourism
    • Bilateral Chamber of Commerce Romania – China and the cooperation with ChinaFor engaging in diplomatic relations between the two countries to facilitate visas for Chinese tourists.

In addition to the awards for excellence in the tourism industry, Thursday evening also included musical artistic moments, special guests, the beauty contest Miss Fashiontv Turism Romania, as well as the presentation of the latest collection of the famous Romanian designer Cătălin Botezatu. Among the guests of the 2016 Romanian Tourism Gala event were European representatives of the European Parliament, representatives of tourism professional associations, tourism ambassadors, journalists from the most prestigious press trusts, as well as personalities and VIPs from the fashion world.

The best moments of the event were broadcasted internationally through Fashiontv, thus promoting the Romanian tourism throughout the world.