Fashion Summer Festival 2014
Fashion Summer Festival 2015
Fashion Summer Festival 2016
Fashion Summer Festival 2017

Fashion Summer Festival is a large scale festival produced entirely by Fashiontv Romania, annually during the summer season, in Mamaia resort.

The project Fashion Summer Festival Mamaia has the purpose to promote tourism in Mamaia resort and has reached its 6th year of existence, registering each year important increases in the scale of events organized but also in the number of audience.

The events within the project enjoy the participation of important personalities, but also of other Romanian and International stars. The increasing popularity of the events culminated in 2013 with a record audience number of tourists, when 30.000 people were present in Casino Square and Mamaia seafront for the final edition of the Carnival.

Fashiontv Romania has a wide promotion strategy for the events within the project, a strategy that includes live broadcasts online, mass  media and on ground actions. The transmissions of the events on the most important TV channels and in the news shows, make the audience to reach impressive ranks each year.

The event includes each year themed weekends, that focus on fashion and Romanian designers, fashion and International designers, themed nights dedicated to children, traditional artistic moments specific for different geographic areas, moments of Romanian tourism promotion:

  • Fashion shows of the most famous Romanian designers;
  • Beauty Contest- Miss Seaside – at this contest will participate young girls selected in fashiontv Caravan
  • Fashion shows where the protagonists will be children within the ages of 2 and 14.
  • Mini Miss and Mister Seaside. Beauty contest for children
  • Fashion shows of International designers
  • International contest Fashiontv Black Sea Model Awards with the participation of the contestants from the Black Sea
  • Fashiontv Parties